2018 SAU Model Awarding Ceremony held

Hits:    Time:2018-12-19

On December 12, 2018 SAU Model Awarding Ceremony was held in the Blue Sky Theater. In 2018, totally 12,771 scholarships and stipends were awarded with the sum of 14 million RMB.
President Sun Xiaoping attended the ceremony and granted the award together with other leaderships.


The ceremony encouraged all to study hard and set a good example for the students. The students who got stipends showed their determination to change the life by their own efforts and perseverance to overcome hardships.


Student representatives performed poem and song called “dream” to present their growth and yearn for the future.
Sun pointed out three hopes for all the students which reminded them to be diligent, innovative, positive and excellent.
At the end of the ceremony, all students expressed their willingness to make contribution to the family, society and country.