Tanzanian Ambassador Mr. Mbelwa Kairuki’s speech at conference of Tanzanian students in China (Excerpt)

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Foreword: On December 1, 2018, Tanzanian Ambassador Mr. Mbelwa Kairuki visited SAU and gave a speech on missions and responsibilities that Tanzanian students should have.

Dear compatriots:
Today, we are delighted to meet here to welcome new bachelor, master and doctor students. I would like to welcome all of you on behalf of all embassy staff.
You are very lucky to get the valuable chance to study in China in the “interesting times”. The reason why I say like this is that the era when you study here witnesses that China is developing rapidly into an influential world power.
If you watch the news, you will know the international import expo held in Shanghai. The expo aims to provide a platform for foreigners to promote products in Chinese market. It is a special chance for other countries including Tanzania to have access to the 1.3 billion market.
For all Tanzanians, the time you arrived in China is more important. China-Africa cooperation forum was held in Beijing 3 months ago and proposed proclamation and implementation plan which will offer opportunities to African continents. In the next 10 years, China promises to:
1.launch an industrial promotion initiative, and build and upgrade a number of economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa;
2.launch an infrastructure connectivity initiative, and focus on enhancing cooperation on energy, transport, information, telecommunications;
3.launch a trade facilitation initiative, and expand China-Africa trade scale;
4.launch a green development initiative;
5.launch a capacity building initiative. China will support opening of a China-Africa innovation cooperation center to promote youth innovation and entrepreneurship. A tailor-made program will be carried out to train 1,000 high-caliber Africans. China will provide Africa with 50,000 government scholarships and 50,000 training opportunities for seminars and workshops, and will invite 2,000 young Africans to visit China for exchanges;
6.launch a health care initiative;
7.launch a people-to-people exchange initiative, and promote media, cultural, sports and tourism exchange and collaboration;
8.launch a peace and security initiative.
To make sure that these eight initiatives are implemented on the ground, China has extended 60 billion US dollars of financing to Africa in the form of government assistance as well as investment and financing by financial institutions and companies. This will undoubtedly be a crucial chance for all African countries. The key fields parallel Tanzanian national development plan. So we must fight for the chances because they are not equally distributed to every country. Only the positive one gets more loans.
We are in the process of becoming a middle-income country. Our objective is to complete this by 2025. The key factor to reach the objective is education level and knowledge of the general public because they have the responsibility and so do we.
1.The first responsibility is study. You need study hard, gain good education, utilize your knowledge and support your country’s construction. Concerning this point, I suggest all of you remind yourselves that your aim to come to China is to study, and nothing else. In other words, the most important thing to every student is education. The second and the third are the same as the first.
2.The second responsibility is engagement. Thus, the education we get is meaningful to ourselves and our country. Education without engagement is useless. But how can we engage? The answer is by reading, studying all kinds of knowledge, watching news, joining social activities, walking around, and studying positive fresh things. Another way is to communicate with the local. We don’t hope that you stay in China for one year and make no friend after travelling far from Tanzania to China. You have not been to any other place except your university and never joined any community activities. You never experience the speed of China’s high-speed railway. You never take a car to other cities and see the overpass or 50-kilometer bridge. If so, you have no difference from the students studying in their mother country. My suggestion is to open your door, walk around, explore Chinese experience, as well as understand Chinese culture and language. In this way, you are distinct from the ones studying in other countries.
3.The third responsibility is to look for education chance for your countrymates especially in urgently-needed fields. All of you should bring 2 to 3 Tanzanian students to China to study. As is known, President Xi Jinping will provide 50,000 scholarships in the following 3 years. If all amount is distributed to 54 African countries, each country will get 925 chances, and it means more than 308 yearly.
Now, we will set a goal for ourselves-bring more than 308 scholarship students yearly to China. If so, we must encourage more Tanzanian students to apply. I know preparing application materials is a big challenge, but no cross, no crown.
You are the pioneer. We hope you can keep an eye on the universities which have good majors that Tanzania needs and collect their scholarship information. In this way, we will be one part of that and convey the information to our countrymate.
When looking for all kinds of majors, we shall focus on agriculture, engineering and medical courses. I will explain why these three are important. Agriculture is our pillar. In Tanzania, 70% of the population is engaged in agriculture and most people live in rural areas. We also need agriculture to produce industrial materials. Only by improving agriculture and productivity can we achieve the goal of constructing industrial economy.
Due to these aspects, we need training chances in agriculture and agricultural experts back to Tanzania after studying in China.
We also give priority to engineering because middle-income countries need engineers. We need railway engineers, mining engineers, electric engineers, mechanical engineers, water power engineers, petroleum and gas engineers, aircraft engineers, etc. All of these fields are key to construct a middle-income country.
As to medicine, we need professional doctors in all fields. The mass especially the ones living in rural areas who cannot get help from doctors because we are short of doctors. We need get many professionals to be trained and serve the country.
Besides, I would like to give you some suggestions for studying in China.
1.Observe the law and regulations. Be Tanzanian ambassador in China. Respect Chinese culture and do not offend others.
2.You are here to study instead of travelling or doing business. Your visa is a student visa so please focus on your study. Just like other places, the attractions in China will distract you from your original objective. Please hold on to your heart and insist.
The country needs you and the society needs you. Your family need you and your parents need you. You are here for supporting the country’s construction not for other goals.
I know not everyone here has scholarship. Some of you are sponsored by your parents. Please remember your parents save money and support your study. Do not let them down. Your education is the best present for your parents.
Moreover, we should know the actual situation in Tanzania. Making money is not easy. So please study harder and concentrate on it.
3.Obey university regulations. Study and understand the regulations. Ignorance is not a reason but an excuse.
4.Keeping healthy is also important in a foreign country. Everyone must buy the medical insurance yearly.
5.Striking is forbidden and unacceptable. If you have questions or concerns, please communicate in a proper way. You can ask your sponsor to contact your university or ask the embassy for help.
6.The last is for postgraduates and doctors. You may find some professors in your university research on the issues related to our country. Their aim is to achieve the favorable goal by studying our country. We should also ensure the research we are doing is beneficial to our country. We need learn from them and use the knowledge to serve our country.
You should study about the solutions of current and potential problem that Tanzania has.
For example, if your major is agriculture, you should study the disease and damage to cashew, coffee and banana. Thus, your research can solve actual problems of your country.
If you can make all of what I mentioned, your life in China is perfect and you are beneficial to your country.