Academic Talents

Zhang Guiping

Name: Zhang Guiping
Title: Professor
Department: Human intelligence research center; North Software College

Director of SAU Human Intelligence Research Center
Vice President of Chinese Information Processing Society of China
Vice President of China Phonetic Association
Dean of North Software College
Project leader of NSFC and national defense

Research direction:
Computer science and technology

Major academic result:
1.Make great contributions to the international recognition of China’s intellectual property rights
2.Create collaborative translation production line
3. Create the first domestic information 4S supermarket

Honorary title:
1. 1998   Top10 Liaoning Excellent Youth
2. 2003   The representative of the 10th National People’s Congress;
3. 2005   Liaoning Excellent Expert
4. 2008   The representative of the 11th National People’s Congress;
5. 2010   National Excellent Sci-tech Faculty
6. 2012   The first batch of Liaoning Distinguished Professor