Chinese Folk Music Lecture Held

Hits:45    Time:2018-11-5
The “Chinese folk music” lecture was held successfully by International Education College on November, 5. Professor Li Yunqi was invited to make a lecture of Chinese folk music and songs for international students.
Li is a professor of Shenyang Normal University and an expert of Chinese Translation Association.
Li quoted a Chinese old saying “where there is mountain, there is surely a song to learn” as the start. Then a light and melodious musical instrument played “never falling sun is rising on the grass land” and led students to move into the world of traditional Chinese folk music. Li also introduced some famous songs which are played by Erhu, Suona, Pipa and other traditional Chinese musical instruments. After the introduction of these classic works, Li presented the folk song “Jasmine Flower”  originating from Jiang Su province,"Loess Plateau" from the northwest folk song and other minority songs. Ultimately, the lecture ended with a round of applause.
The Chinese folk culture lecture helped students learn more knowledge about the folk song and music, as well as it stimulated their enthusiasm for learning traditional Chinese culture.