SAU Holds International Student Inauguration Ceremony and Scholarship Award Ceremony for Fall Semester 2018

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On the morning of November 2, with the clear sky and shining sun, the international student inauguration ceremony and scholarship award ceremony for fall semester 2018 was held in the international lecture hall.
The ceremony was presided by Mr. Wang Hongwei. The guests attended this ceremony including Vice President Wang Qi, Richard Chen, Dean of International Education College and Ms. Gao Bo from Entry and Exit Administration Bureau. At the beginning, Wang Qi made a speech on behalf of SAU, welcoming the 259 freshmen from 50 countries.


Student representatives expressed their great pleasure to come to China and SAU, and firmly believed that they would have a perfect study life in China. They said that they must study hard, and obey Chinese laws and regulations in the university, making steadfast efforts to realize their dreams in China. At the award ceremony, SAU awarded international students who won scholarship and excellent members of International Student Union.


Ms. Gao conducted the popularization of Chinese laws and regulations for the freshmen. She patiently explained the laws and regulations that foreign students should abide by and the legal bottom line that could be easily touched. This legal lecture benefited the international students greatly.

Finally, Richard spoke to the international students in his humorous and fluent English, and the atmosphere of the ceremony reached a climax. Everyone paid a great attention to his speech. The conference ended with applause and hope.
For the past 66 years, SAU adhered to its spirit “diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative”. The development of modern China holds pace with the world. Xi Jinping, President of China, put forward the development strategy of the new Silk Road as “One Belt and one Road initiative”, which has a close connection with most students here. May everyone make a steadfast effort to study hard and create dreams in China for the betterment of the whole globe!