SAU Welcomes 2018 Freshmen

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Today is the day when Shenyang Aerospace University 2018 freshmen officially open their journals. Bright slogans, flowing colored balls, beautiful arches, and rhythmic fountains all appear to be extraordinarily happy in the early autumn sunshine. 3805 freshmen with dreams came to Shenyang from all over the world to witness the important time of their lives here and carve up their college career. The scene is bustling.


At 9:00 a.m., all the school leaders and directors of colleges came to the scene. They talked with the parents of the freshmen cordially, expressed their wishes for all freshmen and their family, understood their family conditions and their living conditions in Shenyang, and instructed the relevant departments to do a good job in receiving the freshmen and their parents, so that parents can be assured that the freshmen will enjoy their academic and social life in SAU.


By the time 7:30 pm on September 1, the total number of registration was 3702, with a registration rate of 97.3%. It is surveyed that in 2018, SAU enrollment work covers 27 provinces, SAU general science and engineering filing line 511 points, 143 points higher than Liaoning Province undergraduate science and engineering control line; ordinary literal arts line 542 points, 81 points higher than Liaoning Province undergraduate literal arts control line.

This welcome in ZAKER Shenyang Live Broadcasting has harvested 162,000 viewers, received good publicity results. Major media have paid extensive attention to the opening day of SAU, and China News Agency, Xinhua, People’s Net, Chinese Morning News, Liaoshen Evening News, Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang TV Station, Shenyang Radio, Daliao Net and other media have conducted interviews and reports.