Internship Units For SAU International Students

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SAU offers internship for all the forth year international students, duration from two weeks to six months.

Internship units list is as follows:

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd
Shenyang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd

ZTE Software Technology(Shenyang) Co.Ltd

Shenyang Gotiar Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Shenyang Valeo Auto Lighting Co.,Ltd
Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation

Liaoning Qiangfeng Aluminum Industry Engineering Co.,Ltd

Sky Dragon Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Fengcheng Wantong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Huachen Passenger Car Modification Co., Ltd

Jilin Shengya Tooling and Injection Co. Ltd
Shenyang Hangda Messrs. Airborne Equipment Company
Shenzhen CIMC Vehicle Co.,Ltd
Paike'aidiya Fluid Connection Fitting(Shenyang)Co.,Ltd
Manshi Group Inner Mongolia
Shanghai Qiaoyu Industrial Co.,Ltd
Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd

students in Shenyang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd

 students attending CIEME, 2018

students attending CIEME, 2018