Responsibilities of IEC Staff

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Richard Chen      Dean           Overall management of IEC.
Pearl Liu     Party Secretary, Deputy Dean Work of the Party; assistance in overall management of IEC.
Robert Pan  Deputy Dean           Daily management of students, going abroad on public affairs, management of state-owned property.
Charles Lv  Deputy Dean      Enrollment, international exchange, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, foreign experts.
William Guan  Deputy Dean       Teaching and research, internship and employment, teaching affairs of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.

International Exchange
Office head: Maggie Yu   International exchange, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, foreign experts, Chinese students and teachers going abroad, Chinese website.
Shufen Chu: French teaching; cooperation with France.
Reela Du: Foreign delegation reception; foreign experts; Chinese students going abroad.
Alibina Li: Cooperation with Russia.

Admission and Career Planning
Office head:Susan Gao       Admission and market exploration; management of agency and related affairs; English website, assistance in international accreditation of curriculum.
Sunny Du: Admission, English news publicity, freshmen reception.

Teaching Administration
Office head: Cathy Chang       Teaching management, construction of management system; information and data reporting; teaching quality monitoring.
Cindy Zhao: Daily administration of teaching affairs; management of degree students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students as well as transfer students; educational management system; teaching equipment.
Elva Wang: Daily management of examination; management of teaching files, archiving of elective course and retake course results; teaching resource information management; information report of students status and
academic record.
Misu: Reception; graduation information collecting; assistance in daily administration of education and examination affairs for degree students; course selection for postgraduate.

Student Administration
Office head: Michael Wang      Daily management of students; assistance in internship and employment; organization of lectures; overall coordination of activities; students union and associations; alumni associations; tutor for students of computer science, telecommunication, postgraduate and language students
Lisa Bi: Residence permit; physical test; police registration; assistance in activities; attendance; tutor for students of international economics and trade.
Anne Zang: Students registration, new students orientation;certificate processing and certification materials; internship and training interpretation; news and notice publishing; tutor for students of aeronautical engineering.
Andy Zhao: Fee collection; tutor for Foundation class, IPSA class, and government scholarship students.
Sam: Assistance in freshmen registration, study counseling station, activities and student associations; tutor for students of mechanical engineering.
Linda Li: Students information management and reporting; archive; off-campus resident, discipline management; study counseling station; assistance in alumni associations; tutor for students of aeronautical engineering.

Comprehensive Administration
Office head: Christina Zhang   Daily management of the offices; trade union; archives; safety; personnel and financial administration; notification of superior-level documents; data and information processing and submission;
assistance in Party affairs.

Chinese Teaching and Research
Office head: Wendy Yin   Chinese teaching and research; curriculum and textbook improvement; planning and organization of Chinese cultural activities; staff training.
Gloria Gao: Chinese teaching; management of teaching and research, Chinese proficiency test.
Vera Li: Chinese teaching; teaching and management for language students; graduation affairs.
Nichole Zhang: Chinese teaching; Chinese cultural activities and association management; assistance in Party affairs.
Emily Jiang: Chinese teaching, assistance in fee collection.
Sherry Gu: Chinese teaching, teaching and management for degree students.

Apartment Management
Office head: Jessica Bai   Management and cultural construction of apartment; management of Block B and C.
Kelly Fu: Daily management of Friendship Villa.
Johnson Lu: Daily management of Block A.