Outing of SAU International Students Successfully Ended

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International Education College sent 14 students to Benxi for a trip aimed at forging new interning opportunities. The tour began with a warm welcome from the Liaoning institute of Science and Technology. All members were briefed on safety precautions as well as the expectations of the trip.


Monday morning marked the beginning of the activities. The students attended a spoken Chinese class in which they learned extensively on the topic of introduction. In the evening, the students visited Benxi Milk Company where they learned about milk processing and packaging. 
In the following days,  the students attended a painting class in which they painted the faces of Chinese opera and a calligraphy class where they learned about Chinese traditional characters.


Wednesday commenced with a paper cutting session and ended with a visit to SIASUN robot limited by share limited, a company dedicated to production of robots in diverse fields. A visit to Nafeng open pit of Benxi iron and steel company and the hot rolling mill of Benxi iron and steel company also impressed all students.


Over the course of the stay, the students were involved in daily sports and activities with training from coaches and teachers.