"Never regret coming to China"- A Letter by Mbene Ndiaye Fall from Senegal

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My name is Mbene Ndiaye Fall. I’m 20 years old, schooling in SAU (Shenyang Aerospace University) where am doing my bachelor degree in Telecommunication engineer. I am from Senegal which is a country in the west part of Africa. Senegal is known by its hospitality whence his nickname “Teranga”. I can say I have a lot of experience in China since I’ve been here for almost 2 years now.
China is a whole different world and I’m happy I’ve experienced so much in life. I’ve met people from different countries and Chinese people from different cities.  People have different behaviors but some of them are friendly. I remember when I came from vacation last year; I met a Chinese girl who was going to UK in Beijing airport. She bought a ticket for me. I didn’t have enough cash to give her because my money was on my wechat account. When I sent her after adding her wechat she didn’t accept she said it was okay. I insisted but she told me she wasn’t going to take it. Until morning, she kept me company then she left 3 hours before her flight. Before her plane took off, she sent me a message to check on me. I like almost everything about China like some foods, their behavior, the way they’re humble and the way they give respect to each other. Schooling in China isn’t bad because the teachers are educated.
Living in China might be hectic but easy at the same time. I believe that you just have to find the right people to talk to and make Chinese friends then make yourself comfortable. Chinese language is beautiful and easy to learn even though at times its difficult to write and express yourself well in Chinese language but I still manage because I like the language. I’ve been to few cities such as Beijing, Dalian and Anshan. I’ve found interesting things in every city I go to.
I do not regret coming to China. My experience here has been so far good.