2018 SAU Discipline Construction Meeting Held

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2018 SAU held its discipline construction meeting on July 13, 2018 in order to enhance the spirit of the Second Party Congress and strengthen the connotation of discipline construction. Prof. Sun Hualin, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, Chen Tao, director of the Discipline and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Office of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, SAU leadership, leaders of all faculties, relevant academics and staff attended the meeting.
The meeting was presided by Vice President Wang Qi. He summarized the performance of our university in the fourth national discipline evaluation and spoke highly of the progress made by all faculties. Prof. Zhang Guiping and Sha yundong briefed on the general situation of discipline construction, development ideas and development plans.
President Sun Xiaoping delivered a speech themed on the construction of doctoral degree institution. He expounded the leading role of discipline construction in the reform and development of colleges and universities. Combined with the achievements and main issues in the discipline construction of our university, he put forward six major tasks for the discipline construction in the next three years. First, accelerate the recruitment of talents in our university. Second, develop the direction of the subject. Third, strengthen the inter-disciplinary integration of disciplines. Fourth, strengthen the construction of the discipline platform. Fifth, improve the quality of talent cultivation. Sixth, enhance scientific research level and social service capacity. Prof. Sun Hualin mentioned that SAU had made great progress in various sectors in recent years. The comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of SAU have been effectively improved by following the road of connotation development and the road of integration of production and education. He hoped that SAU should persist the connotation and rules of discipline development and create a good “discipline ecology”. SAU should make better judgment to the disciplinary layout of Liaoning province and avoid homogeneity of the development. He also hoped that SAU should enhance the ability of disciplines to serve the economic and social development of Liaoning province, and boost the new round of revitalization of Liaoning’s old industrial base. Sun expressed that the Education Department will support the construction of SAU, top-class discipline and doctoral degree institution.
At the meeting, Party Secretary Zhai Wenbao delivered a speech themed on opening up a new development stage of discipline construction. Considering the present situation of the discipline construction of SAU, he analyzed the situation of higher education and the connotation of subject construction, and then he put forward four suggestions. First, overall planning is significant for top-design of discipline construction. Second, SAU should make joint efforts to overcome the difficulties and improve the discipline construction to its highest level. Third, SAU has to create a solid foundation before cover the shortage of discipline construction as soon as possible. Fourth, top-class discipline should be advanced systematically through strengthening the leadership.
This meeting is of great significance to promote the discipline construction. It will comprehensively deepen the reformation,  create a new situation for the discipline construction, and further improve SAU to be the research-application oriented and top-class university.