International Student Graduation Degree Conference Held

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On July 2, graduation degree conference for international students was held in the Room 222 of Administration Building. The conference was presided by Wang Caihong, the Educational Inspector of Teaching Quality and Evaluation Office. 25 members of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee attended the conference along with the associated personnel of International Education College (IEC), Graduate School and Teaching Affairs Office. In 2018, 105 undergraduates and 14 postgraduates will be awarded the degree.
The deans of relevant colleges gave the reports on graduation thesis defenses. Robert Pan, Deputy Dean of IEC, briefed on the current situation of the will-be graduates. The Academic Degree Evaluation Committee has comprehensively examined the qualifications of the 119 bachelor’s/ master’s degree candidates. The committee has confirmed that they have accomplished all the requirements of the curriculum and passed all the course assessments and thesis defenses, then they have met the demands of degree awarding. Therefore, the committee decided to award them the corresponding bachelor’s / master’s degrees in engineering or in management.
President Sun Xiaoping firstly affirmed the achievements of relevant colleges and departments, and then he emphasized that all staff must attach importance to the international students’ education, the improvement of teaching quality and the construction of study style.