Liaoning Emergency Office to Conduct Research on Cooperation in UAV Application

Hits:159    Time:2018-7-5
On June 12, SAU received the delegation  from Liaoning Emergency Office including the director of Liaoning Emergency Management Office, Chief of the emergency security service, deputy researcher of emergency service. Both parties held discussions on UAV application cooperation.
The delegation visited the general aviation key laboratory, Liaoning general aviation research institute and Liaoning general aviation development company, watched multiple UAV test-run, and insight into the application situation of industrial-grade UAV in all fields which is researched and invented independently by Liaoning general aviation research institute. Provincial emergency management leaders fully affirmed the Liaoning general aviation institute in the field of “Long-endurance industrial-grade drone” achievements of science and technology innovation.
Two parties reached consensus on jointly establishing the Liaoning UAV emergency rescue and support base. And relying on the “base” and the public security geology, fire control ,environmental protection and other relevant departments jointly carry out UAV application technology exchange, business training and joint exercise, and emergency disposal work for UAV application of emergency rescue work to provide a strong technical services.