A Letter from the President of Student Union

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Dear all international students:
Following the bridge meeting between the international education heads and the heads of the student unions, the complains of international students were fully understood and now we are enjoying many of these privileges and changes. Also to discipline the students the rules were reinforced so as to forge the best in the society of tomorrow.
In the past week the International Education College Dormitories have seen such an improvement with the living standards. We are greatfull that since our meeting with you, there has been changes.The cleanliness and hygiene of the wash room areas and the cleanliness of the kitchen and hall way have been noticed. We are pleased to have the old worn down microwaves being replaced in the kitchens.
Furthermore, we are positive that we will try to work together with you to ensure that we are all happy and produce the best in our discipline and academic results.
With that, we the International Education College students extend our appreciation and thanks and hope for more positive changes to occur in the future.
Yours faithfully
Student Union of IEC