A Letter to all the International Students from Richard Chen

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Dear all international students:
Today I would like to share some of my ideas with you, for which I have been expecting since I returned to International Education College at the beginning of June, 2018.
Firstly, please accept my warmest welcome for your study in Shenyang Aerospace University, China. Last year, we had 1700 students from around 80 countries of the world, among them 1400 are degree students, The number of degree students in SAU continuously ranked Top One in Liaoning Province and around Top 20 in China. The international community is composed of people from different family and educational backgrounds. When working with you, we follow the principle that everybody is born equal, because we stick to the point that equality is the main criterion for evaluating people, everybody has his own advantages and disadvantages.
I am always asking myself this question, what will your study-in-China experience benefit you? As everybody knows, China is a historical country with splendid culture, it is becoming stronger and stronger in the world, and has exchanges with many countries in politics, economy, culture and education, etc. Your experience in China will undoubtedly open the channel for your understanding of the nation and its people. Of course, I don't mean everything in China is perfect, every country has its own problems, especially for a big developing country with 1.3 billion people. But I mean your experience here will be helpful for your future career and life, even extend your sphere of understanding the world.
Chinese culture is characterized to be friendly with guests, in the old saying by Confucius more than 2000 years ago, "If there is a friend coming from far away place, we are more than happy to welcome him." So our target is to try everything to make you feel comfortable about living and studying here. We hope in the future you will be the ambassadors of friendship between China and your home countries.
We all know, every organization or institution needs disciplines, because without it, we can't achieve anything. For people from different backgrounds, harmony and cooperation become extremely significant. Because the integrity of individuals determines the development of the group, we can never expect others to do the same as us, we need to accept others. After graduation, you have to work with more new people and adapt to more new things, maybe some of them you are not feeling comfortable with, but they are there. Most of you are majoring in engineering, when you are working as an engineer, a small mistake can cause a big loss, maybe the lives of hundreds of people. That means discipline is rather important for us.
Next thing I want to talk with you is freedom. We all know, freedom stems from law, because everything is contradictory. Now SAU has four international students apartments, which is the top one in Liaoning Province. Why did we build them? Because if you live on the campus we can guarantee the attendance for classes, keep you safe and easier for the administration. We never want to our students to be smoking, drinking, taking drugs or idling outside. You are far away from your parents, you need to study hard to compensate your parents' sweat and hope. Now the apartments has been running for around 10 years, some of the electronic devices and furniture need to be maintained or changed, we are trying to better the environment as soon as possible thus to make your life easier here. So please abide by the rules and regulations in the apartments strictly.
Recently we are contacting more companies for your internship and employment, we would like to recommend more companies for you to work after graduation. In the past years, many of our graduates are working in Airbus, BMW, Air force, Civil Aviation Authority, Airports, etc. We are always more than happy to learn you get good jobs and live happily. In this respect, we are on the same boat. To make you more qualified, I would like to suggest the following aspects. Firstly, be sincere, inspiring and capable; Secondly, be disciplined, creative and cooperative; Thirdly, have good command of specialty knowledge, Chinese and English capabilities.
Finally, I hope everybody will enjoy your life in China and get more prepared for the splendid future, thank you all!
Sincerely yours,
Richard Chen
Dean of International Education College
Shenyang Aerospace University.