SAU International Student Participated in Chinese Competition

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On June 8th, International Students Chinese Competition came to an end at Shenyang Normal University.The competition was hosted by Department of Education of Liaoning Province and undertaken by Shenyang Normal University. Through the preliminary round and fierce competition of the semi-finals, 20 competitors from 15 universities and 14 different countries took part in the competition.
At nine o 'clock in the morning, the competition began.Through Chinese speech, Chinese Culture Q&A, traditional Chinese talents, competitors competed fiercely. In the end, LEE  JOONGHYEUN from South Korea won third prize.SAU was given the honorable title of "Excellent Organization" award by the association, and the three teachers: Mrs. Liu Ping, Mrs. Yin Dawei and Mrs.Zhang Pu acquired the "Excellent Guide Teacher" tittle.
The competition fully embodied the International students to know China, be a friend of China, love China, and expressed love of Liaoning. The competition not only promoted the communication and learning among the participating universities, but also expanded the influence of our school regarding the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and played a good role in further promoting the level of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in our school.