IEC Morning Meeting of Strengthening Learning and hard working

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On the morning of June 11, the International Education College organized all faculty members to attend Monday morning meetings in the conference room on the 5th floor. Vice President Wang Qi attended the meeting which was hosted by Richard Chen.
The meeting began with the enthusiastic reading of morning instructions. Everyone explained briefly the main points of their work this week. Richard pointed out that everyone should integrate learning and propaganda of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party into the work to accelerate the development of various undertakings. The main work is to hold graduation ceremony, start the recruitment and Chinese-foreign cooperative education.
Next, Vice President Wang made a concluding speech and congratulated the new team of IEC. He suggested that everyone learn from the speech of General Secretary Xi, improve Political positions, gain a historical perspective, and comprehensively promote the internationalization SAU.
After this conference, all faculty will combine political learning with the development of the college , and contribute to the internationalization of education.