SAU Sports Meeting 2018

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The sports carnival was held on the 10th and 11 May in SAU at the North Pitch

Behind the scenes of studying and obtaining a bachelor degree raises athletics’ behind textbooks.

As dawn break and each players woke up to face their big day. Some had enthusiasm while some were well prepared for this very day.

It was a beautiful sunny day on the 10th of May when the sports meeting began in Shenyang Aerospace University at the North Pitch stadium. Among the Competitors of different majors of the Chinese students came the international foreign students as a whole team competing for a spot in the event.

The sports meeting began off with the preliminary rounds of two groups’ female and male category. The track events include; 100m sprint, 200, 400m, 1500m and 3000m, 4x 100metres relay, 800metres, 4x100meters load relay, 4x 400metres relay, high jump triple jump, shot put and long jump

The second day of the event had the opening ceremony of the sports event and held most of the final races. Despite the rainy weather the competitors compete to the best of their ability. The final day brought out the champions in each players. They all brought their game face to the track field despite the track been slippery through the entire event was a Chinese speaking event the international students put their Chinese and listening and speaking skills to use.

The cheers and support from the crowds motivated the competitors to push forward and take first placing in their respective track event. With the drums being banged giving the echoed sounds as the players feel the adrenaline feeling .As the day came to an end the unity of every audience stayed strong as they support their teams.

Both days would not be as successful without the help of the student union involvement and also the help of Chinese students.

The award ceremony came with pride and honors as each players and class representatives of the Chinese students and international student received awards medals and trophies for the credit and effort they put in

With the cameramen’s and drones flooding throughout the pitch, it was a success and something to remember in 2018. In those days we saw stars were born and being crowned in their very own university stadium

The event ended well on a high note