2018 Fall Semester Admission

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I. Specialty
1. Bachelor degree programs (4 years)
Aeronautical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Telecommunication Engineering
International Economics and Trade
Art Design

2. Master degree programs (2-2.5 years)
Aeronautical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Manufacture & Automation)
Computer Applications Technology
Business Management
Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering
Energy and Environmental Engineering

3. Chinese Language

4. University Foundation Program ( 1 year)

5. Pre-University Certificate (2 years)

II. Academic Semesters

SAU divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters. The autumn semester starts in September and ends in January of the following year while the spring semester begins in March and ends in July. There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 5 weeks and there are various summer vacation courses available for students. The winter vacation lasts 6 weeks and normally follows the schedule of Chinese New Year.

III. Application Procedures
1. Online application: http://sau.17gz.org/member/login.do.
2. Applicants will receive “JW202 Visa Application Form” and “Admission Notice” after they are enrolled.
3. Applicants should take the JW202 Form and Admission Notice to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General to apply for Student Visa (X Visa).
4. Applicants shall come to SAU before the date of class starting. If you need to be picked up at Shenyang airport, please send your flight details two days before your arrival. Applicants should pay for transportation expenses by themselves.

5. Register deadline: Class for Fall semester starts from September 17th, 2018. Students should arrive for register at SAU before September 16th, 2018.

IV. Features of SAU
1.The leading aeronautical university in China.
2.Government owned university for 60 years.
3.Chinese Government Scholarship provided.
4..90,000 graduates since 1952,
18,000 current students, 1200 international students.
5.Majors taught in English Medium.
6.Government laboratory for Aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing lab, helicopter maintenance workshop approved by CAAC. 20 aircrafts on campus.
7.The first composite material designed and manufactured Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by SAU in China.
8.Outstanding university for international students education.

V. Contacts
Charles Lv, Head of Admission and Career Planning Office
Tel: +8624-89724298,
Email: Lvshannan@163.com

Candice Ma, Coordinator of Admission and Career Planning Office
Tel: +8624-89724298,
Email: saucandicema@163.com