Elections for new leadership for IEC Students Union and the Chinese Student Board

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The 2018 elections of the new board of leaders of the international student union were held on Wednesday 18 of April. It started at 13:30 and was chaired by Sir Samuel Danboyi from IEC.

It was started by introducing the students from the Chinese Student Board who were also electing their president and chair persons to coordinate and help the international students. The candidates from the Chinese Student Board gave their campaign speeches. And as soon as all 5 of them finished their speeches, the audience voted for the candidates. And the process quickly moved on to give the floor to the IEC Students Union candidates. After the candidates given their speeches in turn, they were asked several questions mostly related to how will each candidate improve their respective departments if they were given the power. After hearing their answers, the audience voted for their preferred candidates. And after the voting papers were handed in, the vote counting began.

The winning candidates were:

·President: Feudjio Nicoleta

·Vice presidents: Hamza Naveed and Edidiong Uduak Umoh

·Head of welfare: Uhalla Edward Nnamdi

·Head of sports: Arshad Ahamed Mowlana

·Head of design: Rahman Md Khalilur

·Head of publicity: Saad Hussain

·Head of public relations: Diana Titus

There was no selection for the Performance department because both candidates qualified for other posts. Also, there was no selection for Academics Department. All in all, the elections was a success.