Experiences Exchange on Chinese Study was Held Successfully

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In order to increase the efficiency of learning Chinese and enhance management of Chinese language students, Chinese language

teaching and research section of International Education College  organized  the  experiences  exchange on  Chinese Study in  the 

afternoon of March 30th. All language teachers and students attended the meeting.


The conference started with introducing administrative regulations and attendance management to language students by Chinese

 teacher Qi Luxi. Liu Shanshan who is from Ecuador introduced his Chinese learning skills from Chinese phonetic alphabet, words

 and grammar according to his experience and showed a speech and song in Chinese which brought conference to a climax. A

 group from Intermediate class one formed by Li Zhongxuan, Yang Weijie and Ai Bo explained to the students the importance of

 Chinese and shared their methods of how to quickly improving Chinese, such as writing Chinese diaries, reading Chinese news, 

and making some Chinese friends, which aroused interest and gained the applause.


During the experiences exchange, the students got valuable learning methods, realized their weakness, determined direction and

 increased confidence in study. The conference achieved the expected result.