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The annual tug of war tournament was held on the 30th of March 2018, the tournament started at 4:00pm, having 10 teams participating, each team was restricted to 15 participants. The teams included language students, masters students and each semester had a team, an elimination playing system was used and teams were knocked out as the tournament progressed.

The 3rd year 2nd semester team and 4th year 1st semester team fought their way to the finals, which was fought tooth and nail but the 4th year 1st semester team emerged as the victors once again and awarded the champion Shield by David Xu.

There were also a few friendly tug of war matches against countries, Chinese girls Vs International girls, Chinese Students Vs. International students and the International department Vs the international Students.

In conclusion, the tournament was a success and we all look forward to next years annual tug of war tournament where there will be a new team crowned as the champions.