Paper-cutting Activity Held

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The paper-cutting is one of the folks traditional decorative art, which attracts people all over the world to attempt to study it as one famous Chinese culture. On March 30, under the organization of Chinese teaching and research department, paper-cutting activity was held. International students got together to learn paper-cutting art and experienced Chinese traditional culture.

In the class, teacher explained the history and function of Chinese paper-cutting to the students, especially the rich content, like the auspicious designs symbolize good luck and the avoidance of evil. After a basic introduction of paper-cutting, the teacher taught the students how to cut double “Xi”(Chinese character used in wedding), paper-cutting for window decoration and festivals. The students showed a great interest of paper-cutting. They were eager to have a try and shared the joy of paper-cutting.  

This activity aimed to develop the foreign students’ Chinese cultural accomplishment, to know more about Chinese culture and to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.