The Closing Ceremony For SAU CPC Second Congress

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The second plenary session, the third plenary session and the closing ceremony of the SAU Chinese Communist Party second congress were held at Blue Sky Theatre on March 31st, 2018. totally 213 delegates attended the meeting. So far the congress has completed the entire agenda and concluded successfully.

This congress is a meeting of great importance that inherit the past, usher in the future and inspire people, President Sun Xiaoping said in the closing ceremony. SAU has stepped on a new journey. Sun requires that the party organizations and delegates should convey the spirit to all party members, cadres and the masses, unite thought and action with this spirit, and Strive to construct a distinctive high level research-oriented and application-oriented university.

The congress highly evaluated the achievements, analyze the main contradictions and problems, and determine the goal and path in development.

The congress believe that it is an important period of accelerating development and enhancing the level. The Report, with strong reality and innovation, proposed a overall aim for constructing distinctive high level research-oriented and application-oriented university, and defined the path of development, and determined the priority in work.

The congress stressed that the educational idea proposed in the report is the guideline for subsequent development, and the inevitable choice of development trend of higher education and high quality development.

The congress stressed that school should be led by discipline construction to promote development of various undertakings. We should enhance the partys leadership and construction. Remember our original intention and mission. Strive to build a distinctive high level research-oriented and application-oriented university.