Seminar on Diplomatic Thoughts of Xi Jinping The Governance of China

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On 29th December, 2017, Seminar on Diplomatic Thoughts of Xi Jinping The Governance of China held at Administration Building 106, which was organized by the International Education College of SAU. Professor Wang Qi, Vice President of SAU, Professor Liu Junqi from Economics College of Liaoning University, Professor Wang Xiaohui, Deputy Dean of Xinhua International Business College of Liaoning University, Professor Zhang Donghui from International Education College of Liaoning University, Professor Long Zhao Lijie, Deputy Dean of Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute and Associate, Professor Qiu Yi Meng, Party Secretary of Foreign Language Study College of SAU, Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as supervisors of respective groups attend the seminar. Professor Shi Guangda, Party Secretary of International Education College, hosted the seminar.

In order to promote political and ideological education for international students, a series of activities on “Xi JINPING THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA” had been conducted since the beginning of this semester. Which includes promotion, introduction, teaching and writing. A total of 20 students from five groups participated in this event.

During the seminar, each group of students discussed their understandings on “Xi JINPING THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA”, China's diplomatic policies, proposal of Belt and Road and influences on their own countries. Wonderful comments and great expectations was made by guests. Ultimately through the judges scoring, under the guidance of Marxist College Professor Tian Ke, Zaib Aurang from Pakistan and his group won the first prize of this event.

Vice President Wang Qi made a final comment on this seminar. He pointed out the advantages and weaknesses of respective groups and pointed out that “Xi JINPING THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA” is an important channel for the international community to better understand China's reform and development and better understand contemporary China, Chinese culture and Chinese Dream.

Through this seminar, International Education College students could have a much clearer understanding on diplomatic policy. It also enhances international students’ sense of identities on China and promote Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, lasting peace and common development of the world.