SAU Holds 2018 New Year Party for International Students of Ten Universities in the North of Shenyang

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On 22 December, 2017, International Education College of Shenyang Aerospace University organized the Chinese Dream and Love New Year party for International Students of Ten Universities in the North of Shenyang, hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Education Association for International Exchange, Branch of Study in China. The event was kicked off with a welcoming song “Shen Hang Huan Ying Ni (SAU Welcomes You)” by students of Shenyang Aerospace University. The universities that participated in this year’s New Year Party were as below: Liaoning University, China Medical University, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang University, Shenyang Institute of Engineering, Shenyang Medical College, Criminal Investigation Police University of China, Liaoning Communication University, and last but not the least the university that hosted the New Year party for 2017, Shenyang Aerospace University.

Honorable guests including representatives from Liaoning Provincial Educational Department, Liaoning Provincial Education Association for International Exchange and all participated universities were invited.

The program was culturally diverse and filled with amusing performances. A Burundian traditional dance was performed by students from China Medical University. Indian dance, Afro-beat dances and a group of Russian students from Liaoning University performed some uplifting traditional Russian dance . The crowd was surprised by the students that sang Chinese songs, and calligraphy.

The top three contestants of the second edition of the voice of IEC of SAU performed, and their vocal abilities were the talk of the event. Pakistan dance group's enthusiastic performances got the crowd cheering on the top of their lungs. The hosting of the program was also done in Chinese and English, which left a great impression on the Freshmen students, giving them motivation to improve their Chinese. There was a red carpet at the entrance, lottery tickets were given to the audience and during the program chief guests of respective universities were given the chance to draw the winning lottery tickets through which audience won amazing gifts and prizes.

All performers expressed their love and passion to China with their fabulous singing and dancing. The Belt and Road Initiative would gather all international students closer to China and all of them will have better understanding of China so that they will realize their Chinese dream.