Graduation Ceremony of SAU-IPSA (France) Class 2017

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The graduation ceremony of exchange students from IPSA (Poly-technique Institute of Advanced Sciences) Class 2017 was held in the afternoon of December 14. Shi Guangda, Executive Vice Dean of IEC, Cui Xu, the Vice Dean of Aerospace Faculty, Professor Wang keming, and Ma Chunyuan, Professor of College of Foreign Languages attended the ceremony. Twenty eight students from IPSA attended and obtained their graduation certificates.

The ceremony began with the address given by Prof. Shi, and other professors. They praised all these students for their hard study, congratulated for their making achievements and getting certificates, and expected them to get a bright future. A French student, on behalf of the 28 students, expressed his gratitude to the leaders and teachers for their help and care. He talked about his life and study in the past four months.


Then the certificates awarding began. Prof. Shi and other professors gave the graduation certificate to 28 students. The ceremony concluded with warm applause.