Voice of IEC II - Round 2 Concluded

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On the 24th of November 2017, an air of excitement gripped the students of SAU at the Blue-Sky Dance Hall. A host of International and local students gathered around by 17:30 to experience a melodious showdown among several talented singers and rappers in SAU. The 2nd round of the competition decides who goes through to the final round.

The International Student Union setup two 7 singer teams to go against each other. Each team was required to perform 2 songs suited for every member in the team. Team A sang a list of songs including; Naughty Boy’s Runnin’ (Lose it all) ft. Beyonce and Jessie J’s ‘Price tag’ song while Team B sang Naughty Boy’s ‘Running’ with an acapella touch and “24 Magic” by Bruno Mars. There was a beautiful dance and musical performance by the Theatre Club of SAU in between the two teams’ performances.

The harmonious touch of Team B’s acapella swayed the hearts of the audience to vote them into the next round. This meant that each member of Team A had to sing individually to qualify for the final round. Only 4 singers from Team A were allowed to progress to finale. The finale of Voice of IEC II-Top 10 will be held on 15 December 2017.