6th Yang Guang Sports Ceremony Held

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The Chinese sports award ceremony presents an award ceremony to the participants representatives of different categories. The awards were presented at the Shenyang Aerospace University school gymnasium .The award ceremony has been a sensational event.  Participants of the Cheerleading competition and other various sports with their coach and other school representative in sport had been called up to receive the awards on behalf of their teams.

It was one of  the glorious events following on from a spectacular high note as international students received an overall third best in all the activities.it was a lot of joy and acclamations from all international students.

The international students from the Shenyang Aerospace University sports team topped off a fantastic season by taking home four awards in different various sports and an overall performance award. The ladies came first in their volleyball match in the female categories. And the male  came first in volleyball, first in football and second in basketball also in their match in their male categories and the overall international sports student performance in the sports category gave them a special award which they received a third placing award on their performance which was a bonus.

 It was a phenomenal moment receiving the awards coming in first and second place in different sports .The event was more than ever before it has been filled with action and excitement and rewards and triumphs.