President Sun Xiaoping visited the International Education College for Inspection

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In the morning of November 29, President Sun Xiaoping visited the  International Education College for Inspection. Vice President Wang Qi and Liu Yang, deputy director of the Party and Government Officials accompanied were also among those that came for the inspection.


Shi Guangda, The Executive Dean of IEC and Branch secretary of the Party  under the Directorate General of International Education, briefed him on the basic situation of the establishment of the college and the composition of the staff and briefed him on the achievements made in  overseas studying  and in international exchanges and cooperation. The Executive Dean also reported some practical difficulties of the college in the field of internship and training bases for foreign students, the transformation of the friendship hall, the introduction of talents, and the development of faculty. Associate Dean Liu Ping and Pan Qibo complemented the teaching, scientific research, daily management of students and management of international student apartments.


During the discussion, President Sun listened carefully to the reports, and take note of all the details of the key points and responded to the questions raised by everyone. President Sun  pointed out that he will  increase and enroll high-level personnel, Establish an incentive mechanism to speed up the construction of internship training base for foreign students, standardize dormitory management for overseas students, conduct in-depth discussions, improve the quality of running schools and improve the quality of training students abroad.


Among the issues mentioned in the talks, the Vice President Wang Qi made specific arrangements for the teacher's motivation mechanism and the reform of the friendship hall in accordance with the instruction of President Sun.