Vice President Xiu Changbai and Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities students visit Shenyang Aerospace University

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From 29th to 31st October, Professor Xiu Changbai Vice President of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, International Exchange Institute Dean Professor Tumen Jiri Gale, International Student Section chief  Buren Baiyi La, Student counselor Bai Alima and 30 International students from Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities visited Shenyang Aerospace University. Vice President Wang Qi met with the visiting guests, Executive Vice Dean of IEC Shi Guangda, Vice President Pan Qibo also met and communicated with the delegates.


During this communication period, the two sides exchanged views on the management of International students, the cooperation model of students' recruitment, the daily management system, the process of foreign students, logistics and other aspects of university administration were exchanged.


A friendly football match was played between the teams of both universities. Mongolian Plenipotentiary Ambassador Danba Gangzhuga, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Friendship Association Wu Xuebing, Vice President of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities Xiu changbai , and Wang Qi Vice President of SAU, attended the opening ceremony of the football match. The ambassador was invited to give a speech and to start the football match, Vice President Wang Qi on behalf of our school gave the Mongolian Ambassador Gang Hugo a gift. The match was intense and filled with enthusiasm, which resulted in a win for International Students of Shenyang Aerospace University. The friendly match was not only a competitive event to test the physical and technical abilities of the international students of the two universities, but also a way for progressive communication and cultural exchange  between the students from countries with the “Belt and Road” initiative .


After the competition, Shenyang Aerospace University held a welcome party for the guests. Wang Qi welcomed the delegation of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, hoping that the students of the two universities would learn from each other. In the speech, Xiu Changbai said that the two universities have unique advantages in running the schools, and hoped that the two schools will take the opportunity to form a multi-level and wide-ranging exchange mechanism to promote the development of both schools. Liaoning Education International Exchange Association Secretary-General Chen Yongqing said that the exchange is the eternal driving force,  hoping that the two schools will carry out more extensive exchange activities. Subsequently, Shi Guangda and Tumen Jiri Gale awarded the best players of the friendly football match a certificate, Wang Qi, gave the visiting students books called "Xi JINPING, THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA". Finally, the students from two universities showed wonderful cultural performances.


The delegation visited Shenyang Aerospace University's navigation key laboratories, art galleries, libraries and were shown the whole campus, they had a in-depth understanding of our school and the characteristics of the aviation , they also enjoyed the designs presented at the art college graduates exhibition. The delegation also visited the Liaoning Paleontological Museum and Shen Fei Aviation Expo Park, to understand the 3 billion years of Liaoning ancient history related to paleontology and the development of China Airlines.


The visit of the Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities is of great significance to strengthen the cooperation between IMUN and SAU, which will help to develop more cooperative projects and enhance the exchange between the two schools.