9.18 Historical Museum Trip

Hits:63    Time:2017-11-13

 On the 4th of November 2017, IEC-International Students Union organized a tour to the 9.18 Historical Museum. Several International students, Student Union office and Chinese volunteers were present. The museum was built to commemorate the invasion of China by Japanese imperialist forces as well as the aggressive rule by a fascist government.

The various sections of the museum were arranged according to the timing of the invasion. Several weapons, armory, sculptures, letters, were periodically arranged; highlighting the suffering experienced by the Chinese people. The final few sections portrayed the rural setup of the Northeastern Chinese folk, the Anti-Japanese Groups/Armies formed and their eventual victory between 1933 and 1934. It also contained proof of normalized diplomatic relations between Japan and China in 1972 after the PRC was formed. The final articles emphasize the joint historical responsibility of the two countries to remain dedicated to Sino-Japanese friendship.