International Students Took Part in SAU 2017 Inauguration Ceremony

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On September 13, the inauguration ceremony was held in the gymnasium. All leaders, teaching units, party and government personels, bachelor and master students, International students attended the inauguration ceremony.

The ceremony commenced with Chinese national anthem. There was Large screen which was use to displayed the school feature video such as: SAU strong teacher resources, rich scientific research resources, cheerful extracurricular activities, which touched every International student. School leaders encouraged and interpreted new students on the introduction speech, as well as the interpretation of the motto to encourage all SAU people to forge ahead, courageously walked forward.

French student Luo Hua , on behalf of all international students gave a speech. He was very grateful to SAU and our teachers for the warm welcome of the students, He said China is becoming the focus of the world and is providing new ideas for development of the world. He believes that choosing to study in China is not only a luck, but also a blessing for all the students.

Leaders awarded badges to our new representatives as symbol of appreciation of youth and spirit. Executive vice president, Chen Baodong provided speech in the ceremony. He (Chen Baodong), on behalf of the school warmly welcomed the new students of 2017 batch. He noted that the university is to enhance their overall quality and ability of the university and he included that “SAU is a place to learn, think, question and create”. He finally encouraged everyone to uphold the motto & spirit of SAU to become better themselves!

All teachers and students sang the SAU song "Achieve your goals in the future".The ceremony ended with the beautiful melody.