SAU international students invited to 2017 LiaoYu Group Ocean Seafood Merchants Promotion Seminar

Hits:48    Time:2017-5-26

On 26 May 2017, SAU international students were invited to a promotion seminar held by Liao Yu Group , located in the Liaodong peninsula in Dalian Bay. Some Chinese Government Scholarship students also took active part in this activity.


The executives gave brief introduction to their founding, history, and their future goals. SAU international students made a great impression on them by painstaking attention to details and were invited to visit Liao Yu Group in Dalian. This event also enabled the students to come together to discuss their ideas and opinions.

The participants felt that they were extraordinarily honored to represent international students of Shenyang Aerospace University to participate in the seminar. It was a really great opportunity to broaden their horizon and gain knowledge about seafood. They hope to visit Liao Yu Group to learn more.