AUBA final concludes with great sports spirit

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Before the final match began on 24th May 2017 in SAU gymnasium, local students played a short entertaining friendly match between themselves which was cheered on by the enthusiastic crowd waiting for the final to begin.

The final was held between Postgraduate College and International Education College

Till this stage of the AUBA tournament IEC basketball team had been invincible, thrashing every team that came in-between their way, seizing victories with big margin!

International team got the ball right from the word start and IEC player No 10. Keith scored a 2 pointer as the opening bucket of the match, the first quarter of the match undoubtedly belonged to IEC team with Postgraduate college team showed fair bit of resistance.

During each quarter cheerleaders gave performances which amused the crowd, from International Education College Korean students gave an entertaining performance.

As the match continued to 2nd quarter, IEC team still held the lead but the gap was slightly closed by Postgraduate college team which further seemed to be costly as in the 3rd quarter they were able to equalize and surpass the IEC team who even though were giving their efforts but seemed as if the luck was not with them.

4th quarter proved to be immensely intense, as IEC team had lost their grip on the match, but to see Postgraduate college players giving their 100 percent and showing fighting spirit for each and every moment in the match kept both IEC and the opposition crowd on the edge of their seats and burst in applaud after every bucket being scored, IEC team captain No.8 Jonathan made the team gain some rhythm, after making the opponent commit a foul and penalty to be given. The match kept on going in an agitated manner as it seemed like a match of tug of war, with each team surpassing another every second, in the final few seconds a questionable penalty was given to Postgraduate college team which seemed to be the proving  point in the match, Score was 77-76 as IEC team with 4 seconds left burst for an attack and before the buzzer sound No. 7 Ritchie went for a 3 pointer which with luck not on the side didn't go in and the match concluded with final score line of 77-76 with Postgraduate college team becoming the champions.

All players displayed amazing fighting spirit during the match and also great basketball games throughout the tournament.