The 8th SAU Sports Meet 2017 concluded

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On 12 and 13 May 2017, the annual sports meet of SAU was held and 23 teams participated in this competition and gave their best efforts. On 13 May, parade ceremony by different faculty staff and students started and attracted all audience.

Vice President Lin Feng gave an opening speech. President Yang Fengtian declared the opening of sports meet.

23 teams participated in the sports meet and dozens of entertaining performances such as dancing and aerobics showed great vitality and enthusiasm during breaks of the competition.

(Vice President Lin Feng giving opening speech)

(President Yang Fengtian declaring the opening)

Several school records were broken by these excellent players. International student Tinashe Machirori broke the record of 400m sprint race again which was also previously held by him.

 (Performance I)

 (Performance II)

(Players giving their best efforts)

(Record breaker)