Chen Baodong invited to “B&R” Space Innovation Association Inauguration and “2017 Space Day of China” Conference

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On April 23, Executive Vice President Chen Baodong was invited to attend “One Belt, One Road” Space Innovation Association Inauguration, initiated by Chinese Society of Astronautics and Northwestern Polytechnical University. Prof. Shi Guangda, Executive Vice Dean of IEC also presented the inauguration ceremony.

(Space Day Conference)

On April 24, Chen participated “2017 Space Day of China” Conference. The conference themed on “space improves life on earth” and a series of dialogue, forum and activities were held. Exhibited applications and projects indicated that space industry has brought lots of benefits in economic development, human life and scientific progress.

In the afternoon, Chen visited factory and training center of Xi'an Aeronautical University.


 (At Xi'an Aeronautical University)