2021 SAU Model Student Award Ceremony held

Hits:    Time:2021-12-22

On Sunday, 19th December 2021, the annual SAU Model Student Award Ceremony was held at the Blue Sky Theater.
This is an annual award presented to excellent students, to serve as encouragement for the entire student populous. It is the highest honor given to SAU students for their hard work, selflessness and devotion towards improving themselves and mentoring fellow students.

Prof. Sun Xiaoping, President of SAU attended the event as well as staff of the various faculties of the university and students.
A total of 10 students received the prestigious Model Student Award, one of whom is a doctorate student of International Education College, Mr. Ebo Blackie. This year, he was chosen to bear the torch of encouragement for all international students both in China and abroad. He has been an excellent student both in his academic life and devotion towards guiding and mentoring the junior students. As a result, he has gained the admiration of teachers and students.

According to him, this award is dedicated to all the teachers, staff and students of SAU, because without their continuous help, support and encouragement, this great achievement will not have been realized. He sums up his appreciation to SAU and everyone in these few words “我的梦因为你们更坚强”.
It is the hope of IEC, that other students will be encouraged to study hard and work diligently in the pursuit of their academic goals, so that they will also be recipients of this very coveted Model Student of the Year Award in the future.