Artificial intelligence and spacecraft design webinar held

Hits:    Time:2021-11-18

According to the plan of International Education College under the motto “listen, ask and learn”, another webinar was organized and it was focused  on the topic artificial intelligence (A.I.) and spacecraft design. It was held on the 17th of November 2021. Prof. Yang Jingly from Aerospace Faculty was invited to share knowledge about field of A.I. and spacecraft design, from when it started in 1950s to present date. He also talked about his research experience in this field.

Prof. Yang also introduced a number of projects, from the smallest robots to solar power station, which have been developed over the years to give the students a clearer understanding of the impact of artificial intelligence in day to day life. He went on to encourage students to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning as this is the future. Prof. Yang advised the students online to read more in order to broaden their point of view. For the students in China, he advised them to make Chinese friends so as to make share knowledge in different fields of study in order to stand a better chance of employment in the near future.