​Exchange meeting between student leaders of International Education College and International Engineering College held

Hits:    Time:2021-11-13

On 12th November, 2021, student leaders of International Education College & International Engineering College had an exchange meeting. In order to enhance the culture and knowledge exchanges from different nations and promote the interactions among students, the student leaders of these two colleges had this meeting. The relevant staff from the two colleges attended.

The meeting began by the emphasis on the significance of the forum, which is to improve the communication between the two colleges by jointly holding the activities in future.

Leaders of two student unions also introduced themselves and exchanged their experience on carrying out some big events. Then, they had a passionate discussion about the activities the two colleges are organizing, such as “Poster Design Contest” and “English Corner”. Both of the two colleges sincerely invited each other to participate in or hold these activities together.  

Campus life is enriched by mutual learning, and culture is colorful because of communication. This forum provides a platform of exchange for the international and Chinese students and further facilitates the cooperation between the two colleges.