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The first time I heard about China was when my father visited China. When he returned, he told us about everything he saw on this trip and he was impressed by the huge development there. In general, the information I had known about China was few and restricted and limited to what was shown by the media and documentaries.

I came up with the idea of applying to study in China. Shenyang Aerospace University was one of my first choices and by coincidence, it was the first university to send admission. I cannot forget my pleasure that day. When I first arrived in China, I was very impressed with the civilized and humane model that I saw. Infrastructure, technological development, and amazing architectural improvement, which is difficult to keep pace with at the present time, and the wonderful coexistence between different ethnic origins.

I was eagerly waiting to get to campus and start studying. I arrived at Shenyang Aerospace University and I was warmly received before Professors and students and the general welcoming atmosphere of the university.

My classes were in Chinese language and all my classmates were Chinese student, I was the only foreign student in class, so that made my experience so unique. At first, I faced some difficulties and obstacles due to language and cultural differences, but soon the situation changed because of the help of my Chinese colleagues and the wonderful professors who never hesitated to help me overcome any obstacle I encountered in my studies. When I faced difficulties, the Foreign Students Office did its best to help.

Although my classes were in Chinese and my friends were all Chinese, I did not feel alienated or lonely and this helped me improve my Chinese language and get to know more about the amazing history and culture of China. The school years passed so quickly and I spent the most beautiful four years of my life in SAU.

After graduation, my goal was to complete a master's study in China. Shenyang Aerospace University was the first choice for me, so I applied and got a CSC scholarship, which is the Chinese government scholarship for foreign students. I am very grateful to them for the opportunity to continue my education and studies in this inveterate university.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all my teachers and all the staff in the Foreign Students Office for their cooperation and respectful treatment with us.