SAU students join "Experiencing China, Charming Liaoning" African Students' Liaoning Trip

Hits:    Time:2021-10-12

From 8th to 9th October, the social practice activity for Chinese and international students-”Experiencing China, Charming Liaoning” African Students' Liaoning Trip in Zhangwu Anti-desertification Cadre Academy was hosted by Liaoning People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Both Chinese and international students joined the activity.

On the afternoon of 8th October, through a documentary film, international and Chinese students were introduced to the anti-desertification heroes of several generations in Zhangwu. Zhangwu County has been struggling with desertification control for over 70 years. Besides having known the process of rehabilitation of desertified land, students appreciated and were moved by the efforts they made so far.

Then the students visited the Hougui Barren Mountain Afforestation Site where they learned the achievements of the endless hard work of anti-desertification hero-Hou Gui, who was introduced by Wang Jingjing, a teacher from Zhangwu County Committee. Hou Gui also expressed his enthusiasm and will to continue to do more planting in the 2500 mu of forest land, despite the 20 years of challenges he has faced.

He invited all the students to plant trees. It was a memorable event since everyone was a part of the anti- desertification process by planting and watering trees.

Afterwards, students were introduced to an interesting form of art - sand painting in the evening. It was one of the best experiences to learn Chinese culture through painting Chinese character “福” by using sand and mosaic gold.

On the morning of 9th October 2021, they visited the 10,000 mu Pine Wood. Over the past 70 years, the scientific researchers and the people of Zhangwu have planted numerous trees by carrying forward the fabulous tradition of hard-working.

Then, they paid a visit to the educational base of Dong Fucai spirit. Besides his remarkable deeds, students were introduced to major historical changes that Zhangwu experienced and the process of anti-desertification made by the heroes over many generations.

International students and Chinese students were given the chance to express their experiences in SAU and during the pandemic at the Youth Forum in the afternoon.

Through this activity, Chinese and international students have learned about the impressive achievements of anti-desertification in Zhangwu County and have known deeply about the spirit of Zhangwu’s desertification control. It also has inspired them to work for the people in their countries after finishing study in China.