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Hello! My name is Imdadul Haque. I am from Bangladesh.
I love to play badminton and sometimes tennis, also I like to travel and know the unknown with patience.
I studied Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering at Shenyang Aerospace University. It’s not easy to study on Engineering, because some difficulties encountered. Usually after the classes when any problem popped up I got in touch with our helpful teachers. They helped me a lot at that time. Really, I felt grateful to our teachers. Finally, I graduated in July 2020.

After my graduation, I got the Chinese Government Scholarship to study Master at Shenyang Aerospace University. It was a good chance to continue my study. Therefore, now I am studying my Masters under Mechanical Manufacture Engineering major and my master’s research field is Aerospace Composite Materials.

If someone asks me, why we should choose Shenyang Aerospace University? First, I should mention the teachers; they are very helpful. Second, the labs; the lab facilities are adequate. Third, big resources, there is a grand library. Overall, the learning environment is excellent. In addition, for the sports lover, Shenyang Aerospace University has a lot of sports fields and a big stadium. There is a beautiful lake in our university and in the lake; there are many beautiful fish. Also, a small island in the lake for the beautiful peacock.

I am good at CATIA, AutoCAD and a bit CNC. A single faulty or imperfect component can cause a loss of thousands of dollars in aircraft and space stations. Precision machining is a vital aspect of the aerospace industry. Aerospace industry has loads of high production standards for CNC machining aerospace parts and more stringent safety controls.
Now, I am studying Master’s and I have planned to do PhD. My plan is to work on research and development to get the better output for better Manufacturing.