Cold Dew

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Cold Dew, (寒露Hánlù), the 17th solar term of the year, begins on October 8th of this year.

Cold Dew during the 9th lunar month is much colder than White Dew, and begin to turn to frost. The dew is in greater abundance, colder, and usually persists with less chance of rain. During this period, most of the areas in the northern parts of Nanling have entered autumn, northeast China has already entered late autumn, and northwest China has already entered or will soon enter winter. Autumn crops will be ripe for harvest.

1. Drinking Chrysanthemum Wine
Chrysanthemum is a symbol of Cold Dew. To prevent autumn dryness, many regions in China have the custom of drinking Chrysanthemum wine which was called “longevity wine” in ancient times. This is a tradition of the Double Ninth Festival which includes other activities such as hiking up mountains, which often falls around Cold Dew. According to ancient records, drinking the wine made with Chrysanthemums, glutinous rice, and distiller’s yeast grants people long lasting youth.

2. Fishing Season
The Cold Dew season is a good time for fishing. The weather gradually becomes cooler after the arrival of White Dew, and the water temperature drops to the extent that fish enjoy it. At this time, fish that suffered from the hot summer heat begins to be active again, swimming around for food. Especially in the late autumn of Cold Dew and Frost’s Descent, fish seem more hungry for getting food during winter, so it is easier to catch them.