The 70th Anniversary Logo of SAU officially released

Hits:    Time:2021-09-30

In 2022, SAU will celebrate the 70th anniversary. In May, SAU released a solicitation of the logo design of the 70th anniversary in order to create a strong celebration atmosphere and inspire the spirit of all teachers and students.

The solicitation has received positive response and strong support from all teachers, students, alumni and social personages. SAU received 280 works in total. After anonymous evaluation and online voting, professors from College of Design and Art improved and perfected the design. After selection and evaluation, Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the University has announced the 70th Anniversary Logo of SAU.

Design Concept
The logo takes the number “70” as the model, skillfully integrated with the red flag and SAU emblem and combined with the color red and blue.

The whole logo highlights SAU characteristics of aviation and aerospace. It is visually aesthetic and implies SAU’s trials and hardships in the past 70 years.

The number “7”: it is composed of abstract figures of the spacecraft soaring up into the sky. The upper part of “7” is a red flag flying high and marked with the words “1952-2022”, implying that SAU has been concerned about the feelings of the motherland since the founding. The red and blue stripes in the lower part echo each other. The red flag and the blue sky set off each other, implying SAU has a sincere heart to serve national defense and the original mission of committing to the blue sky.

The number “0”: it is an abstract figure of a high speed rotating aero engine. The center of “0” is SAU’s emblem, which implying SAU’s mission to promote the development of China’s heavy weapons with ingenuity and train high-level applied talents for the development of China’s aerospace industry.