Make a clean and civilized city

Hits:    Time:2021-09-10

To promote the development and reach the target to build a national civilized city, improve the teachers' and students' understanding, and create a clean and comfortable environment, IEC staff and international students worked together to improve the surrounding of our college.

On the afternoon of September 10, the teachers and students of the International Education College carried out cleaning activities around the international student apartments. The devotions of staff and students not only made the campus environment cleaner but also represented a good learning environment for all students on the campus. Through this, international students not only reaped the joy of labor but also learned to cherish the fruits of other people’s labor.

Creating a clean and tidy place is also a contribution to the nation from oneself.

Please remember our motto to build a clean and civilized city: Keep clean your campus considering it as your home; Love the campus as it's your place; Don't follow the majority follow the righteous.