2021  International Students Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony held

Hits:    Time:2021-07-09

On 9 July, 2021, SAU held the International Students Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony. The event was attended by university administrative personnel, teachers, both international and Chinese students.

Awards, certificates and degrees were conferred to awardees and graduates of all levels, where President Sun Xiaoping formally recognized the graduates.

The graduating students were graced with wise words from different individuals regarding their next steps after graduation. Professor Li Rundong, Vice President of SAU, extended his congratulations to the graduating students, then encouraged them to go out into the world with confidence and become catalysts of development for their nations and the whole world.  

Ms. Lin Lin gave a speech as the lecturer representative and wished all the students to have a promising future.

Mrs Jane Felix Ringo, the representative of student parents, delivered an online speech greatly appreciating the efforts of both the government of China and SAU in successfully helping the graduating students to become better intellectuals as well as individuals.

Mr. Ellis Nwagu, the alumni representative, who is the Senior Financial Management Specialist of Neusoft Corporation, went on to give key points on what the graduate students should expect in the professional world and how to successfully maneuver such obstacles.

Diakubikua Tuzolana Joy, the graduate student representative put emphasis on the graduating students to spread love as they go on into the world.

Graduating students presented the Navigation Wheel to SAU to express their gratitude for their teachers and best wishes for SAU.

The event was graced by different performances from the graduates and different student groups.