Internship in Sky Dragon Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Hits:    Time:2019-01-29

Sky Dragon Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. LTD is a high-tech company specialized in manufacturing of various types of turbochargers and turbo parts.

On 2019-01-22, four students of SAU-IEC went to sky dragon turbocharger manufacturing company for internship. When students arrived at the company, they were granted an accommodation and received a warm welcome from the CEO of Sky Dragon Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. LTD Mr. Qu Yong, as well as the international sales manager Mrs. Winnie. They were given a general introduction of the company and also the rules and regulations that students need to follow during internship.


Turbocharger shell department

Rotor machining

Tool Assembly


  These were first introduced to all of students to tell them what they are doing and what will be their role in that internship during this period. Students were pleased to get responsibilities and to hand on experience as it was the aim and purpose behind the program.


The internship started as students entered into the turbocharger shell section. In this section they watched closely how the professionals are working to make that content unique and adorable for outer world, it was an example for them to learn to be a better professional.

After the first day, the very next day they were involved in discussion to clear the concept of Tool assembly, Testing, and Rotor machining, to know what the processes are and how they are done. At that same day, each student was sent to different department to observe and learn from the professionals for two days, then after the Chinese new year holiday, each student will decide which department to stay permanently during his internship stay in SKY DRAGON TURBOCHARGER CO. LTD.


During internship, students are provided with opportunities to apply what they learn in classes to actual practice. It’s expected that they will also be challenged to examine how attitudes, beliefs, and values influence the process.

It was a valuable time here in SKY DRAGON TURBOCHARGER COMPANY LIMITED and students learned unlimited knowledge such as CNC programming, machining process, how to make powerful team to achieve target and solve their problems, control quality problems, defect in materials laboratory testing of hardness of a material and how to meet the demand of customers.