International Students Experience Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art

Hits:    Time:2018-11-30

On November 29, 2018, a Chinese painting and calligraphy lesson was conducted to newly enrolled international students by Mr. Lin, a renowned artist in Shenyang. The lesson was arranged by IEC to enhance their understanding about Chinese history and culture and make them feel the charm of Chinese art.


At the beginning, Lin showed students the history and evolution of the Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting with presentation. Although the students' Chinese level is limited, the essence of art is interlinked. Then, Lin drew a national treasure panda with students’ praise and admiration. The students have also picked up a brush to try writing and painting. Under the guidance of Lin, students have mastered the basic skills of writing some simple Chinese characters, understood the characteristics of the traditional Chinese painting, and felt the artistic charm of traditional Chinese culture.


International students said that they like Chinese calligraphy and painting class very much, and hope to study with the teacher every day. Students’ enthusiasm also left a deep impression on Lin. They not only learnt the Chinese calligraphy and painting, but also appreciated extensive and profound Chinese art.