SAU Takes Championship in Shenyang International Student Intervarsity Debate Competition

Hits:    Time:2018-11-23

On 15 November, four students representing SAU, namely, Edward Nnamdi Uhalla, Daisy Huni, Lyno Chihwehwete and Merhawit Embaye participated in the Shenyang International Student Intervarsity Debate hosted by Shenyang Medical College.

They battled the host team in the first round and SAU side was the opposing team. Sadly, we lost even though the judges commended the solid points SAU had. Due to the point allocation, we made it into the top 3 teams hence we were qualified to go to semi-finals.

After the semi-finals, where SAU battled with Shenyang Jianzhu University and won, SAU was qualified for the final round.

We then went up against Shenyang Medical College again as they had also defeated Shenyang Institute of Engineering and Shenyang University in other rounds.

SAU team came into this round, showing the ambition and competence for winner. We won by a small margin but it made a difference.

Eventually, SAU won the overall Championship, and Shenyang Medical College was the first Runners-up and Shenyang University were the second Runners-up. The team was the best dressed team at the tournament with Edward Nnamdi Uhalla getting the certificate of the best dressed.